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Finogol PCND

Durable multi-seasonal flow regulated non drain dripline

Salient Features : 

  • Reliable pressure-compensated mechanism, based on unique Flow-regulating cylindrical drippers

  • Sensitive floating diaphragms to regulate and maintain a constant flow rate at variable inlet pressures

  • Large cross-sectional labyrinth and self-flushing mechanism for excellent clogging resistance

  • Two outlets per dripper, additional outlet helps to eliminate the intrusion of small particles when the water is shut off.

  • Manufactured from superior durable materials ensuring longevity, Protected against UV degradation, Resistant to chemicals and fertilizers commonly used in agriculture

  • Conforms to “A” class Emission Uniformity

  • Non Drain Mechanism to stop water emission on closing the system, which reduces the refill effect and offers highest efficiency for pulse irrigation

  • Prevents dirt suction back into the drippers

  • Most suitable for sub-surface irrigation

  • Resistance to root intrusion and penetration into the dripper

Applications :

  • Ideal for fields with sloping terrain or long run lengths.

  • High value open field crops which need precise irrigation

  • All soil-less media plantings/ pulse irrigation

  • Green houses, nurseries and Landscape

  • Most suitable sub surface applications

Specifications :

  • Available in 16mm diameter with 2.1 LPH emitter flow with spacing of 15cm and above

  • Operating pressure – 0.8 bar to 3.5 bar

  • Opening pressure – 0.6 bar

  • Sealing pressure – 0.1 bar

Finogol PCND

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