About us

A Joint Venture between Finolex Group – India (www.finolex.com) and Plasson Ltd. – Israel (www.plasson.com). 

Established in 1992, one of the leading companies in the field of micro irrigation and drip irrigation in India.

Driven by the passion to make ‘Every drop count in this world’. Employs revolutionary PCND technology to offer  complete customized drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation systems, turn-key project and automation solutions to all agriculture sectors - row crops, horticulture, green houses, plantations, orchards, nurseries and more.

FPIPL offers a wide range of products and solutions in the field of precise irrigation and intensive agriculture cultivation.

FPIPL’s services include Survey, Planning and Design facilities for Drip, Mini & Micro Sprinklers, Foggers, Misters, Fertigation Equipments, HDPE Sprinkler Pipes etc. for various field crops, horticulture crops, plantations, landscape, Greenhouse and Poly-house Irrigation systems, etc.

Along with its advanced systems, FPIPL also provides comprehensive Agronomic Guidance and Knowledge Transfer Programs on Irrrigation, Fertigation and all parts of cultivation. Our goal is to maximize the user’s benefit from FPIPL’s systems. FPIPL has successfully executed irrigation system over 7,50,000 acres area on various crops.

The Company has over 500 qualified professionals, which includes, Surveyors, Application Engineers, Agronomists, Soil Scientists, and Sales Engineers to meet the growing marketing requirement.

FPIPL has a wide spread network of over 1200 distributors all over India for the sales & services of all products and projects.

FPIPL is well-known for its quality products and quality services and is truly leading micro irrigation, drip irrigation company in India.