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  • IS : 13487 : 1992 marked.

  • Manufactured from superior durable engineering plastics.

  • Resistant to chemicals and fertilizers commonly used in agriculture.

  • A take-apart emitter, allowing easy on-site cleaning.

  • Only two parts: body and cap with a built-in labyrinth.

  • Easy to open and close. No tools required.

  • Easy to clean. Just open the dripper and hold labyrinth in jet of water. No need of closing the system or removing the dripper from laterals.

  • Built-in labyrinth. No risk of losing the labyrinth while cleaning, like in other drippers.

  • Distinctive turbulent flow path labyrinth with large water passages. Clog resistant design with unique wide turbulent flow path.

  • Built-in Screen on dripper inlet to prevent the enter of suspended particles.

  • Low profile construction avoiding mechanical damage in the field.

  • Raised port outlet prevents water run-off along laterals.

  • Can adopt microtube/spaghetti

Salient Features :

All purpose clogging free openable dripper.

  • Recommended for wide spaced crops like orchards, fruit crops, coconut, oil palm etc in plain terrain.

Applications :


  • Available in 2lph, 4lph, 8lph and 16lph flow rates.

  • Nominal operating pressure – 1 bar.


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