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Durable multi-seasonal integral dripline.


Salient Features :

  • IS: 13488 : 2008 marked

  • Long lasting multi seasonal driplines

  • Available in various flow rates and emitter spacings.

  • Cylindrical dripper designed with a long and wide labyrinth which provides turbulent water flow to minimize formation of residues and settling soil particles.

  • Large inbuilt inlet filters to prevent physical impurities entering in to the dripper.

  • Manufactured with two outlets. Additional outlet helps to eliminate the intrusion of small particles when the water is shut off.

  • Outstanding clogging resistance.

  • Constant inside diameter regardless of dripline wall thickness

  • Manufactured from superior durable materials ensuring longevity Protected against UV degradation, Resistant to chemicals and fertilizers commonly used in agriculture

  • Conforms to “A” class Emission Uniformity

  • Manufactured using “Imported State of the Art Extrusion technology”.

  • Black colour laterals for UV stabilisation and No environmental effects.

Applications : 

  • As drip inline laterals in closely spaced field crops like
    sugarcane, cotton, banana, strawberry, floriculture, vegetables etc

  • Green houses and Nurseries

  • All close spacing crops

  • As loop system wide spacing crops

  • With group spacing for fruit orchards

  • Suitable for surface as well as sub surface installations.


  • Available in 2 lph and 4 lph flow rates in 16 mm diameter

  • Available in 2 lph and 4 lph flow rates in 20 mm diameter

  • Available in 1 lph, 2 lph and 3 lph flow rates in 12 mm diameter

  • Drippers’ spacing of 15 cm and above

  • Nominal operating pressure – 1 bar


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