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Low Flow Fogger for evaporative cooling

Salient Features :

  • Very high degree of humidity formation and evaporative climate cooling

  • Unique vortex flow

  • Fine droplets

  • Anti-leak mini-valve to prevent drainage when not in operation

  • Also supplied as a complete assembly consisting anti-leak mini valve to prevent drainage, dead weight to keep fogger straight, extension tube and connectors

Applications :

  • Humidification and evaporative climate control in greenhouses and high tunnels

  • Livestock shades cooling

  • Cutting propagation and seed germination on tables

  • Orchid and Anthurium irrigation

Specifications :

  • Nominal flow rate at 3.5 bar- 22 lph

  • Operating pressure: 2.5 to 5.5 bar.

  • Coverage Diameter: 60-150 cm depending on pressure Pattern 360°.

  • Average droplet size 70 micron.


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