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Fertigation Pump

Accurate fertilizer injector with no external energy requirement

Salient Features :

  • Easy Control of Injection Rate

  • Needs no external energy

  • Both proportionate and volumetric fertigation injection

  • Very accurate Injection rate

  • Constant Injection Rate throughout the injection cycle.

  • Can be connected with time based controllers

  • Made of Chemical resistant engineering plastics; stainless steel;

  • viton seals for parts in contact with chemicals

  • Available in 2 models –

  • 1. Single Injector : Nominal Injection Rate is upto320 LPH.
    2. Duplex Injector : Combination of two injectors. Injection Rate is upto 640 LPH.

Applications :

  • Fertilizer/ Chemical injection along with water through Drip directly to the crop roots.

Specifications :

  • Operating Pressure range : 1 Kg/cm2 to 8 Kg/cm2

  • Water Consumption : 3 Times the quantity of chemical injected.Flow Regulators will increase water consumption.

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