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User friendly Do-it yourself kind of controller.

GAL - Pro

GalPro is Galcon’s standalone irrigation controller that operates 4 or 8 valves with water and fertilizer flow monitoring. This controller (AC/DC) is designed for irrigation in small open fields and applications.

GalPro features a unique Human Machine Interface (HMI) with a special rotary switch which makes it easy to operate. The controller can be programmed for irrigation by time duration or by water amount.

The sophisticated GalPro has various advanced and unique features such as warning in case of water leakage or system damage, proportional fertilizing, and setting up conditions for special operations.



A new line of web based irrigation control products that deliver a simple and easy to use online “cloud” based irrigation management application, available anywhere and anytime. Two-way cellular communication with advanced flow management and alarm notification delivered to the Web Application Mobile App and Email. GSI AG featured quantity based proportional fertilizing. Over the air (OTA) firmware updated ensures automatic upgrades. G.S.I also brings affordable battery powered web based control to the irrigation market.


Galstar is Galcon’s medium-sized modular irrigation controller with EC/pH management and optional PC interface. Compact in design, it contains most Galileo features. Galstar is specifically designed for medium-sized, open-field irrigation. Easy to operate, it leverages the latest cutting-edge technology for advanced fertigation (EC/pH and more), as well as technologies for multi-communication between controllers and a PC.

Galstar controls two irrigation heads, and includes all the programming features for irrigation control including fertilization according to EC/pH. Although designed to be operated via a wide screen and keyboard, communication with a PC is also possible. The keyboard design is similar to the function key layout of automatic telling machines which makes it user-friendly.

8000S Series Controllers

Galcon’s 8000 series consists of AC-controllers that are easy to install and operate. These user-friendly products are able to irrigate in seconds using a cycle of pre-set minutes. All 8000 controllers are connected to switch-type sensor for optimal performance. These controllers are especially suited for greenhouses and misting applications. With irrigation duration from 1 second to 12 hours.


Galileo is Galcon’s top-of-the-line modular irrigation and climate controller. The Galileo irrigation system operates remote terminal units for open field, farms and greenhouses. It is one of the most advanced computerized agricultural control system available today.

Galileo is the perfect choice for climate control and irrigation in green houses as well as for irrigation control of large open fields, farms, orchards, turf, public gardens, and golf courses.


Galcon’s FertiJet is a by-pass mixing machine with direct injection that includes Galcon’s Galileo controller and EC/pH control.

According to need, our customers can choose from four models:

  • FertiJet standard :


This model contains up to four 350L/H fertilizer pumps and one 160L/H fertilizer pump (for acid).
The 160L/H is identical to the 350L/H Venturi with a special acid flow meter up to 160L/H.

  • FertiJet High Flow :


This model has up to four, 1200L/H fertilizer pumps and one (acid) 350L/H fertilizer pump (for acid).
Capable of injecting fertilizer into a flow of up to 250 cubic meters per hour at a rate of 5 liters per cubic meter.

  • FertiJet Double High Flow :


Two FertiJet High Flow machines are connected and controlled together.
This model uses double fertilizer pumps of 1,200L/H
It can contain up to four channels of 2,500L/H and one 1,200L/H for acid.
It is capable of fertilizing at flow rate of up to 500 cubic meters per hour at a rate of 5L/H.


Galcon’s Fertimix is a top of the line fertigation machine that mixes various kinds of fertilizers. Each Fertimix machine includes a mixing tank, and comes with a Galileo controller and EC/pH control.

According to their needs, customers can choose from four models: Fertimex 1, 2, 3 or 4. All models have an inlet pressure of more than 2.5 bars and an outlet pressure of up to 4.5 bars. Each Fertimex system can be equipped with up to 8 fertilizer pumps (350 L/H). All Fertimix machines include two kinds of pumps: a Venturi pump and a booster pump.


Irrigation Software

Galcon’s greenhouse irrigation software program combines an irrigation system with up to 4 climate control systems in the same controller. The greenhouse irrigation system is composed of one irrigation head in which a fertilizer center performs sophisticated fertilizer injection of up to 8 different fertilizers. It conducts essential control of conductivity and acidity of the irrigation water.
The greenhouse irrigation application is designed for Galcon greenhouse irrigation capabilities, misting programs and greenhouse climate control.

RRTU- Radio Remote Transmission Unit

RTUs are small units with several inputs and outputs. They are installed in the field within a few kilometers from the controller. Each unit is connected locally to solenoids, meters, sensors, and other elements. Each RTU is in constant communication with the controller; receiving operational commands and transferring data back to the controller.

Solenoid Valves

2-Way Solenoid Controlled Valve is a hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated control valve with internal hydraulic Feed & Bleed control loop. It opens and closes drip-tight in response to an electric signal, which causes the solenoid to open or close the valve’s internal hydraulic loop.

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